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It's seems weird to me.

I wrote a huge answer and it got deleted. In short the Shadow Tag users themselves don't have the same affect in LC as OU. In OU Shadow Tag created a big problem with Stall as after certain things were checked Stall became impossible to deal with as a result of Shadow Tag. In LC, Gothita is a fast and frail revenge killer and Wynaut isn't bulky enough with it's super subpar stats. They aren't cut for gamebreaking  stall and thus don't have the same effect.
PX just use that as the goddamn answer T^T

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In simple words:

Shadow Tag was banned in OU (as well in some other tiers) due to it being too strong; as it can trap opponents. It also doesn't bring a similar effect as with other tiers. Some abilities such as Stall creates a huge problem with it as it becomes difficult to attack as the battle progresses.

LC allows it mainly because it brings a different perspective and how Pokemon are not as strong as compared to other Tiers.

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