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I'm not a good maker of movesets, but I really want to know if Combee has any moveset potential, as I have bred a shiny Combee, and the IV judge says it has a perfect IV. It's a male. Something like everstone combee or something.

Shinies aren't exactly necessary in competitive, but my friend and I like having 'shiny battles' where we use any shinies we caught in the games.

It would be a great help if anyone could help me out with this


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Hm.... Male Combee.... Let's see what we can do...

Because it learns no TMs, HMs, or Egg Moves, we're incredibly limited in our options.

Combee (M) @ Eviolite

-> Bug Buzz
-> Air Cutter
-> Ominous Wind
-> Swift

This, however, assumes it currently resides in Gen 4, allowing it access to the appropriate Move Tutor to learn 3 of the 4 moves. Since this is X/Y, it gets.... quite a bit more depressing.

Combee (M) @ Eviolite

-> Bug Buzz
-> Sweet Scent
-> Gust
-> Bug Bite

That's.... about as good as it gets. It quite literally doesn't learn anything else. #IWantedADaughter

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Thank you soo much!
will eviolite work on male combee? It technically can't evolve...
To be honest.....  I'm really not sure.  It makes sense that it would for the sake of consistency, but I have never tested.  Nor do I know of anyone who has tested.
ok.. Ill try it out. Thanks!