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I'm wanting to watch it from the beginning I'm behind on my episodes

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Welp all I know is that the XY season is up n Amazon rn and you can watch the Pokemon anime on live TV or catch up with YouTube I use it a lot and I actually caught up to the series just a little ago!

Hope this helps
I'll try my best with trying to find it
Nobody knows it isn't even on DVD in UK and I think it isn't anywere else either
look it up and watch it online on http://www.cartooncrazy.net/
I don't think they will make it for DVD I just use the pokemon.com or their app pokemon tv.

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2017, as it will not be this year (if you mean every episode). Though the date has not been announced. You will have to wait for each individual set to be released, too... so you might have to wait even longer.

If you want to watch them, you could simply look to one of the many many Anime hosting websites. I will not post any links here, but google helps.