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What will happen if I caught missingo on my computer? I know not to catch him, but I'm just asking?

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Whats missingo??
misssingno is a glitch and if you caught one the graphics would scramble and corrupt your hall of fame deput that is what happens in games however it doesn't corrupt files like bad egg does. watch jwittz youtube video on it called "missingno-pokemon fact of the day"
plus you should be watching /that vid over and over to know what missing no is well only if you don't understand first time you watch it wich is what happened to me

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This question is up for debate.

Some say Missingno does nothing. Some say it does nothing as long as you do certain things or take certain precautions. Most people, like PokemonBlack10 above, say it will freeze the game, corrupt your save data, and force you to restart your game.

My question is why did you say, "on my computer"?
If you mean that you are playing the game as a ROM on your real life computer, than capturing Missingno will not damage your real life computer--its data is part of the game and the game's data, not your actual computer's data. The only way the ROM is related to your real-life computer is that its files and the emulator files are on your computer.

Misigno is leftover data from the 40 pokemon game freak decided not to add to the 1st gen. These pokemon where added to the 2nd gen. Missigno is technically 1 of 40 pokemon. Just some trivia