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I just want to know the answer.

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Focus Punch is a move which a Pokemon will start using at the very start of a turn, and if a Pokemon hits them after using the move (in the same turn) the move will fail. But if they don't use an attacking move or their attacking move misses, Focus Punch will successfully hit the target at the end of the turn it was selected in.

So it's a one-turn move.

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NO. It is a single-turn move:

  • When using this move, a Pokemon will tighten its focus before any other moves are made.
  • If hit with an attack before the move is executed then the Pokemon attempting to use it will flinch and loss focus, causing the move to fail.
  • Focus Punch has a priority of -3 and so moves with a lower priority will not cause the user to lose focus. Instead they will just attack after Focus Punch is used.
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