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My Aegislash is a Quiet nature and I was just curious if it's a good nature or not. Please and Thank you :)

Here's my Set:

Aegislash (Shiny) @ Weakness Policy
Nature: Quiet (+Sp. Atk -Speed)
Ability: Stance Change
EV's: Defense, Sp. Def and HP
Role: Mixed Attacker/Defender

  1. Shadow Ball
  2. King's Shield
  3. Flash Cannon
  4. Sacred Sword
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Yes, Quiet nature can work for an Aegislash. In blade form, its Attack and Special Attack have a base stat of 150. Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Aegislash_(Pokémon)

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how does the nature effect when its battling
It affects the stats which affect battling.
Cool Thanks ElectricYellow :)