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I want to radar chain for a shiny Pokemon, but I also want it to have a Quiet nature. (That's the nature of the only Synchronize Pokemon I have, don't judge me.) So what are some Pokemon that do well with the nature Quiet? I'm looking for a Pokemon that I can use the Pokeradar to find, in Pokemon X and Y. Thanks, SquishyPanda

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The Quiet nature lends itself well to Special Trick Room sweepers. Good candidates include:
Normal or Mega Ampharos
Reuniclus (also a good TR setter)
Mega Blastoise
Mega Camerupt
Mega Abomasnow
And some others. Pretty much anything with a high base Special Attack and low base Speed.

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I probably should have specified this. I'm looking for pokemon that I can pokeradar chain for. Thanks for the help, though! I should have made it more clear what I was looking for.
Okay, so the Poke Radar can be used anywhere except the Friend Safari (at least, Bulbapedia seems to suggest so; I don't actually have XY).  Given this, the following Pokémon are still available:
Mareep can be found in a Horde on Route 12 (don't know if Hordes are compatible with Poke Radar, but even if they're not, 5 Pokémon per encounter is great for shiny hunting),
Solosis can be found in Reflection Cave,
Honedge can be found on Route 6,
and Snover can be found on Route 17.

Squirtle cannot be found in the wild, while Magmar and Camerupt can only be found in the Friend Safari (which has an increased shiny chance anyway, so...).