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So I am playing Pokemon black 2.

I commonly use my Jolly (Speed +, Sp.Atk -) dragonite, and I gave 255 EV to both Attack and Speed.
But every time I face Lance's Dragonite (NO CHOICE SCARF) in PWT, his Dragonite is always faster than mine.

Same thing happens to my Garchomp.

My Jolly Garchomp which has 255 EV on both Attack and Speed is always outsped by Cynthia's Garchomp (NO CHOICE SCARF) in PWT.

Something more ridiculous happened in Battle Subway.

I sent out my full - speed - ev - trained Salamence which has 100 Speed Stat (And my Salamence's nature is Naive) and the opponent sent out Magmortar, which has 83 speed stat. I expected my Salamence to go first, but Magmortar took a first move. I though that Magmortar must have a choice scarf, but it turned out that it did not.

Ok, this is kinda frustrating. Is there a way that I can make my Pokemon faster other than EV training? Or are my Pokemon slow because of something called IV?

It is most definitely the IVs, no doubt. I'm pretty sure that all of the pokemon they use there have max IVs in their stats.

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Your IVs are to blame here. IVs (Individual Values) are numbers ranging from 0-31 which help to contribute to your Pokemon's growth. A 31 IV Dragonite will have 31 more stat points than a 0 IV Dragonite in any given stat. All champions (including Lance) have Pokémon with 25 IVs in each stat. Gym leaders have Pokémon with 20 IVs in each stat.

Hope I helped!

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