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I am using a Pokemon holding a power bracer to kill Yungoos (without pokerus) with the EXP share on. It killed 14 Yungoos. This should have been enough to max out the attack EVs of the other Pokemon in my party. (calculations from Serebii) But the Pokemon in my party only have their attack EVs increased slightly! (I think 1/4 of the way through) What did I do wrong?

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How did you check?
Press 'Y' on a pokemon's summary screen.

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So the Pokemon that is holding the Power Bracer is the only Pokemon who will receive the +8 from its effects, for your entire party to receive its effects they all have to be holding it.

Source: Personal experience, too much painful personal experience, and also a couple of random google articles I looked up when I ran into the same issue

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OK, that makes sense. Thanks.