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I'm just wondering because the more I walk in tall grass in one place, the less often that any wild Pokémon show up. So if I keep encountering and KOing/capturing these Pokémon, is it possible to reach a point where no more wild Pokémon will show up? (This is Pokémon White 2, if the answer depends on the game).


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Like all games especially white 2 the tall grass, like caves, and water (surfing) should have locations where Pokemon are classified as wild. Obviously some caves aren't all wild Pokemon locations. I mean this by it can be confusing to see whats regarded as a cave or a lore.

As to the revelance of the question its quite vague since theres tons of areas in the game where its is quite in comparison to being busy, such as a few spots with some tall grass compared to a foresty area. (run around more).

Pokémon do not become less attractive in an area however there are also Pokemon that are yet to be physically seen in an area such as

Pokémon that can be seen and caught

Theres also the issue that Certain Pokemon can only be caught certain times of the day and specific days, also gving specific abilities like madibuzz being caught only on Tuesdays for its HA aswell

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This doesn't answer the question.
it does, there is no simple method like areas become less attractive if the trainer been there 1000x, the question is it possible to knock out of the the wild pokemon, its not and that's ingame pokemon illegal to, also I did explain its to the point of origin, whether if its actually a real pokemon area or just a lore cave, in this particular reason its grass and all grass is always wild pokemon, I gave ref to two other issues he/she can adhere to aswell such as pokemon to be seen in wild and pokemon that can only been seen certain times or days, not all questions are to the point neither. Also this answer could've been hidden and not downvoted, particular not bothered since I made the effort here and its not been read properly by others in my opinion.
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