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history: when you walk into a Pokemon trainer (NPC) that doesn't move around yet looks around from the directions north, west, east to south, it means you've walked into 1 of their tiles but that word doesn't exist in the sun and moon game(s) instead you walk into the path or sight of the NPC (and the NPC doesn't look around like that anymore) **so now for my (more in-depth) questions,

question 1:
what if, say you see a NPC that was looking around (same directions as above) and you walk through grass same on 1 of their tiles while they're looking at a different direction, would a wild Pokemon appear?

question 2:
(for sun/moon) you see a battle-ready NPC and walk in grass (without repels) and ended up catching it's attention through being in its path/sight, would a wild Pokemon appear because of being in the grass and walking in it or no?


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What would happen is if the above scenario occurred, you would get into the wild battle first. Then, after the battle, regardless if you defeated, caught, or ran from the wild Pokemon, the trainer would initiate a battle with you.

Source: Experience