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OK, I'm going to draw or rather, type a diagram out.

** <-Area

So if I step in that area, will I encounter a Pokemon? Or will a double battle commence?
What I'm trying to say, if you step into an area with grass that a trainer can see you, is it ever possible to encounter a wild Pokemon then have a trainer battle?

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Yup, it happened to me. Stupid Woobat >:(
I'm asking for Emerald.
Also, I said grass, not cave...

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Thanks for mentioning this, I soft reseted about 15 times early, and about 36 times just now.
( I used my Pokemon Sapphire version the first time, and a Pokemon Emerald version on an emulator the second time ) and not once has a wild pokemon appeared during the trained encounter.

While this also would screw up the game, it doesn't happen.

As a trainer, that hasn't ever happened to me, as a Gen III fan, it's also never happened to me.

You actually tested this? 0-0
Yeah, I soft reseted on my Sapphire earlier, and when you posted this in the chat, I went ahead and used a save state feature on my emulator in Emerald.