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Considering the many NPC children in the video games who hangout at routes (even Battle Towers/Subways/Maisons), wouldn't this be unfair to the younger children in the anime, who are specifically barred by this rule, including traveling companions such as Max and Bonnie? It's almost like saying that children under 10 can't own pets. And besides, anybody can catch and train Pokemon if they know the simple basics. Learn the typing and call out a few moves. Children younger than eight even manage to earn at least one badge in the games. The only hard part is field maneuvers outside of the games and forming bonds with the disobedient ones.

But if the alleged enforces are so strict about this rule, what would happen if someone like Max just happen to have a Pokeball in his possession and manage to obtain a wild Pokemon? What would they (whoever "they" is) do, rip his new friend out of his hands and take it away from him?


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To be a Pokemon trainer, you need to apply for and receive a Pokemon Trainer's Licence. As only people of 10 years of age or older are allowed to apply, that means anyone below 10 cannot own any Pokemon, as they have no licence.

As for why 10? I don't know, but it was probably decided in a similar way to the real-world drinking age laws (you need to be 18 in my country).

Also, for the second part of your question - what would they do with someone breaking the laws - again, I don't know, but I imagine an arrangement much like the one with Bonnie, Clemont, and Dedenne in the X and Y anime would be worked out. For those who don't watch the anime, Bonnie saw a Dedenne and really wanted it. But since she is too young to have her own Pokemon, Clemont agreed to catch it for her, and hold onto it until she is 10.

Despite supposedly needing to be 10 in the anime, there doesn't seem to be any such restrictions in the games. While you can argue that Youngsters might be 10, you really cannot argue that the Tuber or Preschooler trainer classes can be anywhere near 10 years old.


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This is a good answer, it's also probably to do with responsibility and maturity. People who are younger than 10 are considered too young to be able to have a Pokémon probably because like having a pet it's a big responsibility to look after a Pokémon and ensure it's well being. Dogs for example you need to take care of them, feed them, take them to the vets, take them for walks etc. so you have to be responsible. The same is said of Pokémon you need to take care of them, feed them and take them to the Pokémon Centre.
That is true, and probably something the law-makers took into consideration when deciding on the age.
Yeah probably. This should definitely get selected as BA :)
Not to mention unlike dogs and cats and other such pets pokemon are sentinel creatures and probably will reject the trainer if being treated badly or at the very least cause as much trouble for the trainer as possible
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So there's no real reason in the world why Max cannot own Ralts, and that he's entitled to go back to the same spot he found it in and obtain it as his own. With Bonnie, Clemont was being skeptical and stereotypically overprotective, while May (a.k.a. Miss Pokemon Contesta) didn't do jack about about the Ralts situation. Bonnie borrows Dedenne, while Ralts goes bye-bye, along with slumber king Jirachi.

Maturity alone is a suggestive factor that cannot be determined by anyone, in terms of handling Pokemon. There haven't been any negative repercussion in being too young to own a Pokemon. In fact, if Ash was given Pikachu three years earlier, the results would be the same.

So the question is now, who would be a more suitable rookie trainer, and the more responsible by default? Max from AG192, or Ash from EP001?