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I'm a little worried that my Mega Stones and hold items will be stolen by an NPC trainer.


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Yes, NPC can use moves like thief. But, they can't keep items like a mega stone. Items like berries can be stolen, and you will not get them back. So, no need to worry, because you keep the mega stones. I hope I helped :)

Do you know all the items that can be stolen?
Anything except for Mega Stones, Z-Crystals, Griseous Orb (if holder is Giratina), Arceus plates (if holder is Arceus), and Memories (if holder is Silvally). That should be everything.
How do you know?
I think it’s reasonable to assume items listed here also apply to moves like Thief and Switcheroo.
The article says no items are switched permanently after Generation 5.