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I'll keep it simple.
In this question Palkeon asked if Pokémons holding a Everstone could Mega Evolve, which was answered (understandably) with a no, cause they need to hold a Mega Stone to access the metamorphosis.

But what about Rayquaza?
With the lack of a need to be holding the Mega Stone to proceed with the transformation due to his move, what would happen if , hypothetically, Ray were to hold a Everstone??

Let me know DataBase!

Hmm... Good question
Well Mega Evolution isn't the same as regular evolution, so as Rayquaza doesn't actually change species, the logical answer is no.

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Raquaza could Mega Evolve if you gave it an Everstone and tried to Mega Evolve it.

I just tested it

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I just tested it." best source ever.
I know
So good it almost made me cry
Well umm... this answer is sorta legit, kind of.
Thanks anyway, Septile! :)
No problem, I'll try to take a picture, but my DS is what I use to take pictures (I don't have a camera XD) so I couldn't use it to take a picture.