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I have a serious problem. My nidoran-M had hustle, its hidden ability. when it evolved into nidorino, it now has rivalry. Finally, I gave it a moon stone, and kept rivalry when it evolved. How is this possible? the Nidoking I bred with had sheer force and an everstone. I know it's a 50% chance to keep its HA, but it had the ability. Plz help.

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Are you sure you didn't accidentally switch the pokemon with another one? It should always keep its hidden ability upon evolving. Edit: And also, what game(s) are you using?
Everstone affects Nature, not Ability.  And as of X/Y, if the male parent has it's HA, the children have a 20% chance of inheriting, though Nidoran M is a special case with it's gender locking.  I don't know exactly where that falls, or if it was coded as if M and F were a single species for breeding purposes.

Specifically to your point, whatever it was that happened, it happened at or before the time you evolved Nidoran M to Nidorino.  Nidoran M and Nidorino have the same HA, Hustle.  If the Nidorino in your scenario did not have Hustle, it COULD NOT be the same Nidoran M you started with.
This is probably not it but maybe you have it an ability capsule??? Hope this helps

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I'm sorry, but the only possible answer is that you must have accidentally switched it for another one while breeding. Or you've hacked the game so much that it bugged out for some weird reason, which I highly doubt.

There are cases where non hidden abilities are changed when crossing generations, but it never affected hidden abilities. Good luck on getting back that sheer force nidoking!