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{I am using Pokemon X} Hi! I'm getting very frustrated today, because I've been trying to breed my Togepi with my Japan Ditto for stats. At first, I used my Togepi that I transferred from a Pokebank, and they wouldn't breed at all. So I caught a different ditto, and they still wouldn't be able to produce eggs because they would 'rather play with other Pokemon.' So then, I put my Garchomp in there to see how they would react, and it still wouldn't get along. So then, going the massive mile to get a new togepi, I traded one of my shinies for a Togepi from Italy. When I put it in with my Japan ditto, it would not breed. I traded out the dittos again, and still, it "would rather play with other Pokemon."

Am I doing something wrong? I have used powersaves before to get some good statted, Pokemon, would that affect anything?


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This is normal. The reason your Togepi and two Ditto will not breed is that Togepi is from the 'Undiscovered' Egg group, which means that it is completely incapable of breeding, even with Ditto. Togepi is one of several "baby Pokemon" that are part of the Undiscovered Egg group.

Your Garchomp, however, should have been able to breed with Ditto. Try pairing it with either of your Ditto again; they should produce an Egg eventually. Remember that unless the Day Care man's exact wording is that the "two Pokemon prefer to play with other Pokemon", the Pokemon will eventually breed.

If your Garchomp still will not breed with Ditto, the most logical explanation is that the powersave software that you have used has somehow affected either your Garchomp or your Ditto.