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I started to play Soul Silver again but I don't know if I should use either ambipom or furret because I want a normal type and found these two might be really helpful. I've heard good things about both Pokemon but ambipom has higher stats, but furret can also be a HM slave so I don't know which to pick.


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Personally, I'd say Ambipom.

Ambipom makes a decent HM slave like Furret, only losing out on Surf and Whirlpool. Chances are you will have a Water type on your team, and while Whirlpool is questionable, Surf is a good old standby. 1 "dead" move slot isn't going to hamper you for an in-game team.

Additionally, Ambipom can have the ability Pickup, providing you with a relatively steady stream of items to sell for cash, or use in a pinch. As Pickup Pokemon grow in level, they start finding even more beneficial items like Evo Stones, Revives, and in older generations even a few TMs. HG/SS TMs include Fling, Grass Knot, and Earthquake.

Serebii's Pickup table

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