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And No, I do not need an HM slave. I just re-started SS and I want a Normal type
and I was thinking to Raticate or Furret take in account both Movepool and stats.
Thank you in advance!

FURRET by far!
I would answer EE, but I don't have an answer with stats
Whynaut miltank? Or snorlax?

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Raticate has a Base Stat Total of 413
Furret has a Base Stat Total of 415

The difference is not big.I would go with Furret
1. It has a good movepool,good stats and It learns 5 HMs
2. It can learn Normal,Dark and Psychic moves during leveling up.
3. Its Defenses may be low but it has a good Speed and nice Attack Stat.
4. It can learn a Big Variety of tutor moves, such as Aqua Tail, Fire Punch,Ice Punch, Thunder Punch.It can learn a lot of TM moves, such as Brick Break, Facade,Shadow Claw and even Giga Impact.
5. It is better than Raticate beacuse : it is quick and likes to chase RATTATA. (SS pokedex entry :P)

So yeah. Furret it is

enter image description here

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Abillity: Keen Eye

Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)

Ice Beam
Hyper Voice
Shadow ball

This is in-game XD I can't get EV's and stuff!
i´ll change that xD
Why down vote?
Thank you,
Well because I JUST started SS XD