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Masuda method is a way to breed shiny Pokemon using a pair of Pokemon with one of them foreign. I know as much as this, but I really don't get what is considered "foreign".

I am trying to breed a shiny deino. My Pokemon omega ruby is bought in the US but the language is set to korean. I captured a deino in omega ruby, and trasnferred a zweilous from an ENGLISH white version 2. Would masuda method work with these two Pokemons? Ive read articles sayin the language does not matter, and that I need my game card to be a foreign game so the Pokemon can be "foreign".

My zweilous does have the ENG in the black box, which tells me it is foreign, but I'm just worried I might not be doing it right. Would masuda method work with my deino and zweilous?


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It should.

The way Masuda Method is usually described, the "foreign" tag bit is usually misinterpreted. It doesn't matter what language the cartridge is using, only the languages of the 2 Pokemon in question. If they carry different language tags, Masuda Method applies.

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Thank you so much