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I attempted the Masuda-Method for a shiny Charmander; I used a foreign Salamence with Crunch and a Charizard with Dragon Dance that I am the OT of. I tried said method with Gengar and a Japanese Ditto, and on one of my first eggs, I got exactly what I wanted. Is this dumb luck or can starter Pokemon not use the Masuda-Method?


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All Pokémon that can be bred work with the Masuda Method, and starters are no exception. You were just incredibly lucky to hatch a Shiny Gastly that early one. MM usually takes a long time, so perseverance is key if you want to hatch a Shiny Pokémon. As a wise monk once said, "A warrior's greatest weapon is patience."

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Thank you. Very much.
No problemo :)
Does the Masuda-Method even work in oras? I scanned the Pokebase and found nothing on this..
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Yes, Good luck shiny hunting.