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i've been at this annoying method for four days breeding hidden ability bagons and trying to find a shiny amongst them all. I have filled ALL of my boxes except the last two and a bit and I keep wonder trading them away to get crap Pokemon like a modest weedle. Is there no way to make this easier? Or do I have endure more of this...


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Masuadua Method does work but it does lower the rate from 1 in 4096 to 1 in 1365.3


  • For your unwanted Bagons put them up for GTS. HA Pokemon are quickly
    taken or looked for.

  • Complete the National Dex to get a Shiny Charm. It hasn't been confirmed officially but sites like Smogon and Serebii Forums are nodding their heads that the Shiny Charm increases the likelihood

Good Luck !

What should I put as the Pokemon I want when I put the HA Bagons on? More clearly, what would be a good trade for someone to take my HA Bagon and give me something better?
HA Dratini is definitely worth it.
HA Bagons are on the go cause of M-Salamce. Yeah HA Dratini is good. :)
I finally got my shiny Bagon. It has a relaxed nature but ive seen worse. Also it has its hidden ability sheer force. So pretty good. Only took me a millenium! Do you guys want any HA Bagons for free? I have like 200 to spare. (Forgetting the other hundreds that i had to release or wondertrade or GTS away because of capacity issues on my PC) my friend code is 3754 8566 7753 and my name is Matthew.
Whoohoo Congratulations dude :D !!!!
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It does increase the likelihood of breeding a shiny. You just have to be patient with the method. Luck is also involved, just remember that.