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I recently watched the 2015 World Championship of the TCG, a matchup between Jacob Van Wagner and Mees Brenninkmiejer, and during the second game, after using a Superior Energy Retrieval, Jacob puts down four water energies on his Keldeo EX. Under what circumstances is this possible?

I believe it's mostly Pokemon Abilities, and maybe a couple of Trainer cards.  I haven't played Pokemon TCG since Gen 2 though, so I can't give specifics.
>Energy cards can only be played once per turn and are generally needed for attacks.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Energy_card_(TCG)
As someone who used to play the TCG and collect the cards, I can attest that there are certain moves and abilities (and possibly Stadiums and other cards) that allow you to put more than one energy card on a Pokémon. So the Bulbapedia explanation is correct most of he time, however there are certainly exceptions.
Yeah, the TCG always introduces exceptions to everything. It seems extremely difficult to list all the cards that can cause this, since the TCG is old and there should be a lot of them.
Well, official tournaments have an age limit of (I think) 3 years on the cards allowed to participate. So a 2015 tournament would only allow cards from 2012 and up. But that's still a lot of cards to look through.

Can you link a video?
I found the answer:
Jacob Van Wagner was using a Blastoise which has the ability "Deluge", in which as many water type energies can be put on a Pokemon as you want
Ah, the infamous Deluge Blastoise. I played against a friend with that — nasty stuff.

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Yes, it is possible, through various Stadiums, Supporters, Trainers, and even some Abilities and regular moves. As you have already discovered, Jacob used a Deluge Blastoise. Combined with cards like Energy Retrieval, it makes both an excellent support card from the bench or or and offensive card with Hydro Pump.


EDIT: So it seems like I'm not just just rehashing what the asker found out for himself, I found a few other cards that let you attach more than one energy.




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You didn't include information in the superior energy retrieval, which was in the question.
It was mentioned in the question but was not part of the inquiry itself. Superior Energy Retrieval is not really pertinent to the question, because Jacob could easily have had 4 Water Energies in his hand already and not needed the Retrieval.
But the rule is that energy can only be played once per turn.
If you could play multiple energies in one turn, why would he ask the question?
Superior Energy Retrieval (SER) allows you to retrieve Energy cards from the Discard pile. This is not the same as playing an Energy card. The question asked if it was possible to play more than the maximum of 1 energy per turn.

Jacob used the SER to get four Water Energies from his Discard pile. Then, he used Blastoise's Deluge to attach those four Energies to Keldeo EX.

So, to answer your question sumwum, under normal circumstances you cannot attach more than one Energy per turn. However, there are totally legal and useable methods that allow you to circumvent this rule through Abilities, moves, and Trainers. SER isn't relevant to the question because its effects do not include applying Energy cards, only adding them to your hand.

It is TOTALLY acceptable to apply more than one Energy card per turn IF you have a card that allows you to. My proof? This was used at a TCG National Championship.
Sorry. I overlooked that.
No problem :)