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I've heard of the celebi GS ball event in generation two and maybe how it never came out in certain areas. I'm not entirely sure on how it was supposed to be obtained. Was it only the GS Ball event? Also, if someone could confirm it didn't come out in the U.S. for me, that'd help too. Thank you! :)

The event is in the coding of all of the national releases of crystal. Perhaps it was meant to be obtained like it was in Japan? I'm not sure.

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>In the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, players could use the Pokémon Mobile System GB and the Pokémon News Machine at the Pokémon Communication Center in Goldenrod City to obtain a GS Ball as an event item from the Pokémon Communication Center's Trade Corner attendant. After obtaining the GS Ball, the player needs to take it to Kurt, who will analyze it for a day. After it has been analyzed, the player must place it on the Ilex Forest Shrine during a period when Ilex Forest is suddenly restless, which will cause a level 30 wild Celebi to be summoned.


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Ok, I was just curious. Thanks for the really fast answer!
Anybody can read the unanswered list and copy paste stuff from Bulbapedia. Therefore, if anybody was on when you asked, which is usually true, you'll get a fast answer.
Except for the stuff that sits there for months because Bulbapedia doesn't have the answer :(
No wiki is perfect. Bulbapedia does get pretty close, however.
Its mascot is Bulbasaur, of course it's close to perfect.