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So I bred and trained a greninja with ivs for HP fire and at level 50 it has 174 speed.Is my greninja bad or is it that HP fire has low speed ivs?
Edit :It has 252 speed evs

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The highest speed IV a Pokemon with hidden power fire can have is 30. The max speed a Greninja can have with 30 speed IVs is 376 at level 100 or 190 at level 50, one off from maximum speed. According to my calculations, your Greninja has either 1-2 speed IVS (if the nature is Timid or a speed raising nature), or 31 if the nature is Modest (a nature that doesn't boost or lower it's speed), and given that 30 is the highest it can go for HP fire, I can safely assume that your Greninja has really low speed IVS.

I hope this helped you!

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Ohh I have to breed again....Thank you for your answer
No problem! Good luck getting that perfect hidden power fire Greninja!