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In Generation III Breloom only has one ability, Effect Spore. However, in Generation IV is gains a second ability, Poison Heal. Bulbapedia has the following to say about it:

When Abilities were introduced in Generation III, some Pokémon only had one possible Ability. A number of these species were given a second Ability in a later generation. If a Pokémon whose species gained an Ability after Generation III is transferred to Generations IV or V, it will initially retain its original Ability; upon evolving, however, its Ability slot will be recalculated and its Ability may change. When a Pokémon is transferred to Generation VI, however, it will be locked into the appropriate slot for its current Ability.

Which other pokémon gained a secondary ability in a later generation? This doesn't include hidden abilities. Only secondary abilities.


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Generation I

Pokemon - New Ability
Pidgey - Tangled Feet
Pidgeotto - Tangled Feet
Pidgeot - Tangled Feet
Nidoran-F - Rivalry
Nidorina - Rivalry
Nidoqueen - Rivalry
Nidoran-M - Rivalry
Nidorino - Rivalry
Nidoking - Rivalry
Clefairy - Magic Guard
Clefable - Magic Guard
Jigglypuff - Competitive
Wigglytuff - Competitive
Paras - Dry Skin
Parasect - Dry Skin
Venonat - Tinted Lens
Venomoth - Tinted Lens
Meowth - Technician
Persian - Technician
Mankey - Anger Point
Primeape - Anger Point
Machop - No Guard
Machoke - No Guard
Machamp - No Guard
Seel - Hydration
Dewgong - Hydration
Shellder - Skill Link
Cloyster - Skill Link
Drowzee - Forewarn
Hypno - Forewarn
Hitmonlee - Reckless
Hitmonchan - Iron Fist
Tangela - Leaf Guard
Kangaskhan - Scrappy
Horsea - Sniper
Seadra - Sniper
Mr. Mime - Filter
Scyther - Technician
Jynx - Forewarn
Pinsir - Mold Breaker
Tauros - Anger Point
Eevee - Adaptability
Porygon - Download

Generation II

Pokemon - New Ability
Cleffa - Magic Guard
Igglybuff - Competitive
Hoppip - Leaf Guard
Skiploom - Leaf Guard
Jumpluff - Leaf Guard
Sunkern - Solar Power
Sunflora - Solar Power
Murkrow - Super Luck
Granbull - Quick Feet
Scizor - Technician
Shuckle - Gluttony
Teddiursa - Quick Feet
Ursaring - Quick Feet
Swinub - Snow Cloak
Piloswine - Snow Cloak
Remoraid - Sniper
Octillery - Sniper
Kingdra - Sniper
Porygon2 - Download
Stantler - Frisk
Smeargle - Technician
Tyrogue - Steadfast
Hitmontop - Technician
Smoochum - Forewarn
Miltank - Scrappy

Generation III

Pokemon - New Ability
Poochyena - Quick Feet
Mightyena - Quick Feet
Zigzagoon - Gluttony
Linoone -Gluttony
Shroomish - Poison Heal
Breloom - Poison Heal
Skitty - Normalize
Delcatty - Normalize
Sableye - Stall
Illumise - Tinted Lens
Numel - Simple
Camerupt - Solid Rock
Spinda - Tangled Feet
Barboach - Anticipation
Whiscash - Anticipation
Feebas - Oblivious
Milotic - Competitive
Shuppet - Frisk
Banette - Frisk
Tropius - Solar Power
Absol - Super Luck
Snorunt - Ice Body
Glalie - Ice Body
Spheal - Ice Body
Sealeo - Ice Body
Walrein - Ice Body

(Sorted by National Dex #.)

If you spot any issues/typos please comment on it. Source: Bulbapedia.