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So I have the Pokemon I want to EV train and all the items. Here is an example of what I want to do:

Battle Pokemon that gives Sp.Atk EV but wear Power Anklet to boost Speed?

Should I continue doing this or should I just focus on one stat at a time?

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Focus on one stat. Here is an example of what you should do:

1 EV per Pokémon
+4 EVs for Power item
X2 for Pokerus
[(1+4)X2] = 10 EVs for each battle

Vitamins (Carbos, Protein) allow you to increase your Pokémon's EVs by 10, however if the EV count is above 100 on the stat they fail to work. So using 10 vitamins in the two stats you want to raise helps.


Attack: Protein

Defense: Iron

Special Attack: Calcium

Special Defense: Zinc

Speed: Carbos

Now the actual EV training. Here are the spots in Platinum:

HP: Bidoof (1 EV, Valley Windworks)

Attack: Machop (1 EV, top end of Route 210)

Defense: Geodude (1 EV, Iron Island)

Special Attack: Gastly (1 EV, Old Chateau)

Special Defense: Tentacool (1 EV, most watery areas by surfing)

Speed: Starly (1 EV, Route 101)

Hope I helped!

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What if I dont have any Pokerus, but use Macho Brace instead?
Sorry I didn't put this in the heading (put it in the tags), but its for Pokemon Platinum, so the locations are invalid