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I've just received a Moon Stone for my Munna from Lenora for defeating Team Plasma and getting back the Dragon Skull. However, I'm not sure when to evolve Munna yet to learn certain moves. So when should I?


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It depends. If you don't have the TM for Psychic, it learns it at Level 37. If you have this, notable levels include:

17: Moonlight
19: Hypnosis
35: Calm Mind

I'd recommend evolving it at Level 19 with the moves Psybeam, Moonlight, Hypnosis and Lucky Chant.

Hope I helped.

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Nice, never thought of the tm.
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I think at level 29 because then it learns nightmare, only useful if it still has hypnosis, if not then at level 37 when it gets psychic hope that helps.