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I'm a big breeder (who isn't?), but my efforts have been agonizingly slow due to the fact that none of the Pokemon I put in the daycare like each other. Is there some way to determine whether or not two Pokemon will enjoy each others' company in the daycare? For instance, do Pokemon with certain natures like Pokemon with certain other natures? Because if it really is a matter of pure luck, then I have really, really bad luck.

Natures don't affect breeding compatibility. It's based on the Pokemon's gender and egg group. Actual breeding compatibility isn't based on luck either.
The OP is not asking about finding Pokemon that are capable of breeding together.  They are asking about how well compatible Pokemon will like each other.  Ex the different things the daycare helper will say about your Pokemon.  "They don't seem to like each other very much..." vs "They're completely inseparable!".  All of which correlate to the % chance an egg will be produced each egg cycle.

As for an answer to the question....  I don't know (though would be very interested to find out).  However, obtaining the Oval Charm for completing the local Pokedex is very helpful, as it shifts the % brackets for obtaining an egg by some amount.
Actually that does makes more sense @PhailRaptor, though clarification from the asker would be helpful since it's never made entirely clear.

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It depends on egg groups but that there r other factors that affect the compatibility a garchomp can breed with another Pokemon which is in the dragon or monster egg group but if they have the same trainer ID then the chance or producing an egg is if nt with another garchomp is somewhere around 25% but if they hav different trainer ID then it gets boosted to 50so it's like this

Different egg group-not compatible
Same egg group, trainer ID diffrent species compatibility 25%
Same egg group, species trainerID -compatibility-50%
Same egg group different species trainer ID compatibility -50%
Same egg group, species different trainer ID compatibility 100%