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So... I have a Pelipper and a Golbat. both good Pokemon. One flying and water, (Pelipper) and the other Poison and flying, (Golbat) but which is better??? Golbat knows Acrobatics, Air cutter, Swift, and Confuse Ray and is a better Lvl (6+). But Pelipper knows FLY, brine, stockpile, and SURF. So... maybe ill replace Golbat's Air Cutter with Venoshock, and Pelippers Stockpile w/... Steel wing. Who do you think I should keep??? I can only take one. (Party)


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If this is for an in-game team, then use whichever one you like more. Unless you need the body to carry the HMs, in that case sitck with Pelipper.

With how it relates to more rigorous environments, however... evolvong your Golbat to Crobat is highly advisable.

Overall Crobat's stats are all pretty decent. But what really sets it apart is it's Speed. It ranks 14th overall out of all 721 currently released Pokemon. Of those 13 faster than it, 3 are Deoxys forms, and 7 of them are Megas. This opens the door to a "flinch all the things" strategy. It's movepool is also pretty broad, giving you some really infuriating "annoyer" type movesets, and allowing you to stay unpredictable by having options for both a physical moveset, or a special one.

I would also recommend replacing Acrobatics, instead of Air Cutter. While you can play Crobat as either a physical attacker or a special one, you generally need to pick between them. Venoshock is a special attack, so you want to keep the Flying type attack that is also a special attack. You should probably also consider replacing Swift with something else. Perfect accuracy and broad neutral damage are both useful, but usually more so to a tank than to a speedy demon like Crobat. The Move Tutor(s) have some pretty interesting things for Crobat in B2/W2 -- Dark Pulse, Heat Wave, or even Giga Drain.

On the other hand, if you want to keep Acrobatics due to it's obscene damage potential, you can replace Air Cutter with Cross Poison (requires a Heart Scale) or Poison Fang (lvl 42). In this case, you'd definitely also want to replace Swift -- X Scissor (TM), Steel Wing (egg), and Zen Headbutt (egg or Tutor).

Though, again, if this is just for an in-game team and these are things you just happened to come across, then it's kind of moot and you can pretty much pick whatever you want.

Thank you that is awfully useful info. I do have most of these TMs