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So I've been reading around, seeing that Surf and Scald are good on Pelipper.

I know that Scald has a 30% chance to inflict burn.

But Surf is more powerful. To be honest, I'd use Surf in double battles to Water Absorb my teammates and hit the opponents.

My Pelipper so far has-
Drizzle (Modest)
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

This is for competitive, right? What format/rules?

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In competitive, Scald is generally preferred over Surf because the 30% Burn chance is better than the slight power difference. Unless you plan on using Surf in a double battle along with a Pokémon with Water Absorb or Dry Skin, Scald is usually better.

Ok so, I tried this strategy both ways. They both seem to work really nicely. However I might need some help with the singles.