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Note: This is for competitive movesets only. Your answers are not to only help me, but to help other viewers as well. You can post your answer based off of your opinion. Thank you!

I'm thinking of hatching a shiny Oshawott via Masuda Method, and I'm wondering which move is better for a Samurott; Surf, or Scald? Here's what I'm planning to have my Samurott be like:

Warrior (Samaurott)@(not sure which held item yet)
Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 Special Attack, 200 HP, 58 Defense
Ice Beam
Air Slash

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Is this in-game or competitive? I might answer this.
Yes, this is for competitive. I'll edit the question and note that in the question. Thanks!
surf is better  as samurott's defences are better than his special defence and scald would inflict a burn which would lower attack stats . I hope you get my point.And surf will let you surf .
Waterfall's better than both
Flinch is a 1-turn thing burn stays unless healed and burn does damage which is just better for slower Pokemon and as a finishing move for fast mons scald is better than waterfall and surf.

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Single Battles:

Scald- Even though Scald is 10 less base power than Surf, it has a 30% chance to burn the target. It will also thaw you out if you so happened to get Frozen in battle.

Double/Triple Battles:

Surf- Surf hits multiple targets so it's pretty obvious why you would choose this over Scald. If you pair Samurott with a Pokémon who is immune to Water type attacks such as Vaporeon with Water Absorb, or resists them such as Venusaur etc. they can become a good combination in battle. You can also pair Samurott up with a Pokémon that knows a Shielding Move such as Protect.

Hope I helped :)

Most waters carry an ice move so Venusaur might not be the best option...