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Which move is better on a Samurott? It has even Atk and Sp.Atk, and it's other moves are Iron Tail, Ice Beam, and Megahorn.
NOTE: I only use my Samurott in single battles.

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Surf is better in-game and competitively IMO, as if you use Hydro Cannon you get to attack once every 2 turns essentially. With Surf, you can attack every turn, resulting in more damage done to the enemy.

Also, it should be noted that another option is Hydro Pump, just if you want that extra bit of power to help KO enemies.

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Hydro Pump has low PP and only 85% accuracy though; just putting that out there.
It has 80% accuracy
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It depends on how you use Samurott in battle and its opponent. If you use Samurott as a OHKOer then Hydro Cannon is a good option. But say you are fighting a speedy opponent that usually strikes first and does decent damage per hit, (Swellow for example) then Surf is a better idea when you think about the fact that two hits of Surf does almost the same amount of damage and you can't afford to be immobile. Bottom line, it depends on how you plan to use Samurott and against who. You're welcome and good day!!

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            why? because if Samurott uses Surf twice it can deal as much damage (maybe a bit more depending on the item Samurott is holding.) and Surf (unlike Hydro Cannon) doesn't stop you from attacking.
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If you have hydro cannon you opnent can ko you, switch into a counter,set up on you,heal,
and alot more.

further more it is not a good idea in metta but is an awesome idea in the main game play.

hope this helps

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