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I cant decide whether I should teach surf to Samurott or Swampert. Any suggestions?

Lol. Swmapert... It's ok though , everybody gets typos.

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I would teach it to samurott, because swampert has a high physical attack stat. It wouldn't do as well as maybe waterfall on swampert. On samurott, you could use it as a high power move, because samurott has a naturally higher special attack stat than physical, hope this helps :D

What about Blastoise over Samurott?
No , go with samurott.
It depends what you are looking for, blastoise has high defenses and kinda good atk and sp atk. Samurott has a base special attack stat of 108, where blastoise on has a base special attack stat of 85. So if you are looking for a sweeper like water type samurott would be better than blastoise.