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It's a flower, so it's a plant, and it knows more grass type moves than any other type of move, so why isn't it at the very least fairy/grass? If anything why is it fairy type at all?

To be fair, Fairy is a pretty new type and there aren't many Fairy-type moves. Flabébé and Floette aren't flowers either, they are simply holding on to them. Only upon evolving into Floges do they "merge" with their flower. But honestly, this is simply Game Freak logic.
But even if it is just holding a flower, it is at least using some kind of grass-type related power to attack. So shouldn't it be fairy/grass type?
You have a point there...
The flowers Flabebe and Floette  are supposed to be part of their bodies...

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I mean, if you want to be technical, Flabébé isn't actually a flower, it simply carries one. Flabébé is actually a "nymph" or "fairy" that holds the flower.

"It is seen holding the pistil of a flower, which has petals that come in five colors"

"When Flabébé is born, it finds a flower and lives in and cares for it during Flabébé's lifespan"

- Bulbapedia

While it would make sense for it to be a grass type, it is more sensible for it to be a Fairy-type, for it is a mythical creature. The same can be said for Comfey.

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