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I'm asking like Aggron has a 1/4 resist to normal moves so normal moves are ruled out; or Carracosta has a 1/4 resist to fire. So like what types do not have a Pokemon that has a 1/4 resistance to it. Please note that you can leave out Pokemon that are not used in standard gameplay as in like Axew or Scorbunny. So practically like Ubers to PU but Nat Dex.

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It automatically can't be Normal, Fighting, Ghost or Dragon.

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Note that I'll just be putting one example for each type, so not every matchup will be listed.

Normal- Ghost is immune to Normal.

Fire- Fire/Water 4x resists it.

Water- Water/Grass 4x resists it.

Electric- Electric/Grass 4x resists it.

Grass- Grass/Steel 4x resists it.

Ice- Ice/Water 4x resists it.

Fighting- Ghost is immune to Fighting.

Poison- Poison/Ground 4x resists it.

Ground- Flying is immune to Ground.

Flying- Rock/Electric 4x resists it.

Psychic- Dark is immune to Psychic.

Bug- Ghost/Fire 4x resists it.

Rock- Steel/Fighting 4x resists it.

Ghost- Normal is immune to Ghost.

Dragon- Fairy is immune to Dragon.

Dark- Dark/Fighting 4x resists it.

Steel- Steel/Water 4x resists it.

Fairy- Fire/Poison 4x resists it.


Hope this helps! :)

So, every type is 4x resisted or a type has an immunity to it.

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Volcanion, Ludicolo, Rotom- Mow, Ferrothorn, Walrein, Nidoking/ Nidoquen, Alolan Golem, Chandelure, Lucario/Cobalion,  Urshifu Single Strike, Empoleon, Salazzle.
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