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I want my level 34 golbat to use mean look on it but it flees before I can do anything please explain this and give some tips


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Get a Golbat and teach it Mean look. Then give it the item quick claw so it will attack first. Use Mean Look so that Mesprit can't escape. Then chisel down its HP with fighting type moves and catch it.

try to level up your golbat so its speed rises.

make sure you have lots of ultraballs/a masterball to catch it with.

Hope I helped ! :)

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I gave it quick claw but mesprit still escaped both times I attempted to mean look it
I don't really know I would google it because that's where I found my information from and youll probabally have to wait a day or so to get another answer

Also what level is the mesprit?
It is level 50
I know another way you might be able to Mean Look it. Instead of hoping that the Quick Claw activates, you could train your Golbat to a high level so it outspeeds the Mesprit.
Sorry, I didn't see that part of your answer
What nature does your golbat have?
Or evolve into Crobat, who is hella fast.
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I like to use Haunter better, caught mine in turnback cave with mean look. Train it to get hypnosis and to level 55 so its speed is faster.

it is probably better to evolve golbat into crobat because haunter is faster than golbat but then crobat is a lot faster than both.