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Rowan says that to follow Mesprit. I have done it for half an hour but it is not coming and always running and running.
Is it important to follow Mesprit?
It is just running from one place to another...
What to do?

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Open your roaming-Pokémon app and go to Floaroma Town.

Keep running between Rt. 205 and Valley Windworks.

Remember, whenever you change location, so do roamings

When roaming Pokémon is your location, just go in grass

Quick Ball should be best for the job, but you may use Pokémon with Block, Mean Look, Shadow Tag...

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Here is a good strategy for roaming pokemon.

  1. Get an Umbreon
  2. Make him know mean look and baton pass
  3. Get Garchomp
  4. Teach him false swipe
  5. Set the clock to be Night
  6. Buy lots of Dusk balls and Timer balls
  7. Have Umbreon be the First pokemon in your party
  8. Use DarthDestiny's method of encountering Mesprite
  9. Have Umbreon use mean look
  10. Baton pass to Garchomp
  11. Use False swipe until Mesprite is at 1hp
  12. Then let the Dusk balls fly!

You could add thunder-wave Baton pass Jolteon in there too make an easier catch. Also make sure that Umbreon has whatever nature you want Mesprite to have because Umbreon has Synchronise. Good luck :)