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I went and traded Stevens beldum for fortresses but he's not in pewter city museum

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First you must go to the pokemon fanclub building and after you got a doll from the copycat he will inform you about the eon duo and one of the two will start roaming kanto.

after you beat red in Mt.Silver you can see him in Silph co. building and he will give you 1 hoenn's starter [Swampert ftw].

after that you can find him in the museum but after talking to him he will return to Silph co. trading beldum for your forrestress which is also awesome.

OR if you have enigma stone with you,you can find him at the museum and after talking to him you can battle the other eon pokemon.

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You have to do a few things first like go to vermilliion in the fan club them to silph co and then he'll appeer in the museum hope this helped

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