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Is it possible to get extra starters in Alpha Sapphire or Y? If yes, please let me know the location or how.


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It is not possible to find any starter Pokémon in the wild, but you can obtain a few other starter Pokémon in ORAS. If when you beat the Elite Four for the first time, you can get a Johto starter from Professor Birch. When you complete the Delta Episode, you can get a Unova Starter from Birch, and when you defeat the Elite Four again, you can get a Sinnoh Starter from Birch. You also get given a Kanto starter by Professor Sycamore in Pokémon X/Y.

Edit: You can also find the middle stages of the Kanto starters in the Friend Safari.


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What about Friend Safaris?
Oops, I forgot about friend safaris...
You can Also find the Kalos Starters in the Friend Safari too.