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I Know Pokemon Dream World is set to be launched on The 13th April, but I'm slightly confused with these so called dream abilities, like I've seen on YouTube of a Serperior that can reverse stat changes, with an ability called "perversity" but how are you meant to get these different abilities? Thanks, please help :o)

Horo WolfSage

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Pokemon that you "befriend" in the Dream World will have an ability that you can't get in usual play. Serperior, for example, can have the ability "contrary" which reverses stat changes.

However, there are only a limited set of Pokemon availabl, so you can't catch a Snivy at the moment, until Nintendo adds it in or does a special event.

The video you saw was a hacked ROM or a simulator that shows what happens if Serperior had that ability. But you can't get it legitimately yet, sorry.