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so I get that it needs the dragon type. but dragalge doesn't look like a dragon. I know it has dragon in it's name. but its abilities has poison in their name. and it even looks like a water type. it can learn alot of dragon moves and barley any water moves. the dragon type just forces people to choose Y over X. skrelp is just a water poison type and dragalge should be but instead is a water dragon type. once the auraguardian complained about this. last of all, the clauncher line is pure water types. they can at least made them a pure water type to be fair and not have a 4x resistance of water.

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Dragalge appears to be based on the leafy seadragon, which would explain its dragon typing. It has to be poison type because of its Pokedex entry, describing its poison spit. I'm pretty sure it would be a Poison-Water-Dragon type if triple typing was a normal thing, though.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Dragalge_(Pokémon)

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Gliscor has references to poison in it's Pokedex and for some reason is ground type. So it's probably not because of that. More likely they just wanted a unique type for Dragalage, with the obvious Water/Dragon being done before and Poison/Dragon belonging solely to it.
blame-mega-sceptile-alert in this comment, just so you know. i would like to downvote you just a little because you forgot to answer 1 part of the question. why does clauncher and clawitzer a pure water type and not a water-dark type? anyways the blame is that i would upvote you but mega sceptile downvoted me for a very stupid reason.