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I really dislike the Grindy bit in hgss (Heartgold Soulsilver) so I thought I would trade the Pokémon I have now which are all underleveled and trade them to platinum. I would then breed them with dittos and get the unevolved Pokemon and trade back to hgss. My question is if these Pokémon then would take less exp to level up than their parents? Or do they the same amount as before a Pokémon caught in hgss at the same level?


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It works, but not exactly as you described it. If a Pokemon is caught or hatched in one save and transferred to a save with a different name, trainer ID, and secret ID, it will gain 1.5 times as much experience from the same battle. Also, if you don't like grinding, and you're grinding to beat a particular trainer, just battle that trainer over and over again until you win. It's faster that way.

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Oh, ok. Thank you for your time.