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So I have a very powerful Amoonguss set, but I have found a problem. The set is:
Amoonguss @ Black Sludge
Sludge Bomb
Giga Drain

It has won me alot of battles, but there is one move I want to add. Clear Smog. It could cripple many setup sweepers and tanks, but I don't know what move to get rid of. Any help?

Replace sludge bomb with >>>> clear smog ! because opponent might get poisoned ( 30 % chance i think ) , and u won't be able to put him to sleep .
also clear smog is stab & very important .

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Replace Synthesis with Clear Smog. Although the recovery is nice, Regenerator is usually more than enough to keep Amoonguss healthy. Synthesis just makes Amoonguss more passive, which is not preferable as Amoonguss is already extremely passive after Spore has been used. The other moves are also more beneficial than Synthesis- Sludge Bomb threatens Fairys, Giga Drain gives recovery while also dealing damage, Clear Smog stops Amoonguss from being setup bait, and Spore is obviously great for crippling one Pokemon on the opposing team.

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Thanks for the tip. I actually just realized that clear smog does pretty good damage, so it is like a less powerful sledge bomb with an amazing effect. I'm either gonna replace synthesis or sludge bomb.
Replacing Sludge Bomb is also viable, especially if you're team already has a solid counter to Fairys. You're welcome!
Yeah, I have Heatran for fairies lol.
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I would get rid of spore or synthesis, but I'm more of an attacker so... If I was an defense person I get rid of spore

Spore is an incredibly useful move, as it has 100% accuracy and incapacitates a Pokemon for most of the battle.
Mega Roserade, that is exactly what I was gonna say lol. Spore is the reason Amoonguss moved from NU to OU. I'm gonna replace either synthesis or sludge bomb with clear smog.