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Hi, I restarted my Blue version for the gameboy and I want a good grass type...I'm thinking inbetween Vileplume and Victreebell? Which one?

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Thank you for ALL of your help, I've decided to pick Vileplume :) I have read everybody's (and people's corrections) and they are all very useful, thanks!

Oh and thank you [MEGA]StellarLucario for the correction ;) My bad!

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Vileplume is a Grass & Poison type. It has a Base stat of 480 with good Sp.Atk and decent Def. and Sp.Def. The only thing that Vileplume has that isnt very good is its Speed. Also Vileplume has a pretty good movepool, learning moves that benefits its Sp.Atk.

Victreebel is also a Grass & Poison type and it also has a base stat total of 480. Comparing it with Vileplume, It has good Sp.Atk and Atk but lacks Def. and Sp.Def., so Vileplume may stay in battle longer then Victreebel. But Victreebel has much better speed then Vileplume. Also Victreebel doesnt have much of a good movepool when compared with Vileplume.

Conclusion: Vileplume would be a better option.

Hope I helped :-)

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she´s playing blue were sp.atk and sp.def is spliced together, so both vileplume and victrebel has same sp.atk and sp.def (100)
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Since they are both Grass-Poison types, it honestly depends on which you prefer. However, Gloom (Vileplume's Pre-Evolution) can learn Solarbeam and Petal Dance where as Victreebel cannot.

Personally, I would pick Vileplume.

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its a question about what you are looking for. vileplume has better defense, but lacks in attack (all poison types were physical during gen.1) victrebel lacks in defense but has much higher attack than vileplume. my personal choice would be victrebel: poor sp. defense after gen 1, but the special stat covered both sp.atk and sp.def in gen 1 so it has 100 in special which gives him better stats overall. sorry if you don't understand what i´m talking about, but here is a link that shows them side by side

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but villeplume is the coolest