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Okay, so today I decided to try finishing the Hoenn Pokédex (Pokémon Ruby on my Gameboy Advance SP) and I needed just a handful of Pokémon. I was going to start by catching another Shuppet and Sandshrew to evolve them into Banette and Sandslash. So I caught them. But, when I went to check their stats seconds after, I noticed that they already had won contest ribbons even though they were just literally caught. I'm really confused and I'm wondering how that's happened if anyone knows, please answer my question :)

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What contest ribbons were they?
I caught a FS Ditto that had markings without me making any.

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First, did you you win any contests with them? If so, that's why. If you haven't won any with them, then that's a glitch because it's pretty much impossible to find a wild Pokemon with a ribbon on it. Pokemon ruby and sapphire usually have a lot of glitches, so don't think that your games broken or anything. Hope this helps!

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