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I love grass types. Don't ask me why I just do. I hear about people making mono type teams and I would like to make one with grass. Any pointers and/or suggestions? In Pokemon OR/AS by the way.

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I think a Venusaur-Mega or Ludicolo wall would be a good idea. Fire and Ice are very common attacking types, and unless you have something to wall them your grass types are going to die.
Some good Pokemon are Ferrothorn, Breloom, Superior, and Cradily. Stealth rock is great for grass teams because it's super effective against fire, flying, bug, and ice. Breloom is used because it gets spore, and Superior abuses contrary well by using leaf storm.

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I think you should uses mega venusaur. It would be bulky enough to set up a sunny day which would be big in a grass\fire type team. I would also recommend chlorophyl lilligant as it could easily become a special sweeper in sun.

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one thing about venusaur, make sure you have counters to it as well like EQ or psychic, it can very effectively wall out and destroy mono grass teams.