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I just wonder if you absolutely need a grass type in johto. If I don't need it, I was thinking of waiting for a better grass type in kanto or get another specialy oriented pokemon and teach it energy ball (which I can get somewhere around the pokemon league, I might not need till then). I like Vileplume and Victreebel but I'd like something different.

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No you don't absolutely need a grass type. You can wait for a better grass type pokemon like Exeggutor.

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Thank you very much. And about Exeguttor you can get him, or at least Exeggcute, in that route south of Goldenrod and besides I already have a psychic type (Starmie). I was thinking of Breloom a nice addition to my team. Thank you again and sorry I talk a lot for no reason. :P
oh, I thought the Grass + psychic type was good but I guess You already have a psychic =P