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So Pokémon will have access to "finishing moves" soon, and the type of move is either based on the type of the Pokémon, or, hypothetically, based on the crystal. In theory, any type of Z-move can be used by any Pokémon, meaning for the first time in history, a Pokémon can learn moves of 5 different types. Assuming this holds true, is it theoretically possible for a moveset that is super effective against any Pokémon?

Caveat:  You only get to use the Z move once per battle, just like a Mega Evolution.

Probably also worth noting that while there is a generic Z move of each type, there are other Z moves that are specific to certain species of Pokemon that CANNOT be used by any other Pokemon.
I think it's also worth noting that you can only use a certain Z move if you already have a move of that type on your Pokemon (you can't use Inferno Overdrive on say, a Lucario, unless it also knows a fire type move such as Fire Punch), so you'd still only be able to use 4 different types of moves in the end.
Interesting.  How would that interact with ie Pixilate or Refrigerate?  If you used a Normal type move that was transformed to a different type by an Ability, would the Z Move still be Normal, or would it also transition to the appropriately typed Z Move?

Probably needs to be a question in it's own right...

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Based on what we know so far about Z-Moves, Pokémon can still only learn 4 types of moves at a time. The way Z-Moves are shown to work is that they overwrite one of the holder's moves and turn into a Z-Move of the corresponding type. For example, if my Infernape knew Grass Knot and held a Grass Z-Crystal, I could select Grass Knot for the Z-Move and, because it is Grass type, use Bloom Doom.

There is a possibility that this will change a bit when the games are released, but based on current information Z-Moves are not a way to have 5 attacking types.

Source: Official Pokémon trailers featuring Z-Moves.

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I would like to add that even if Z-Moves allowed for a moveset with 5 different moves, it is still impossible to hit every Pokemon super-effectively with just 5 moves. So regardless of whether you can get 5 moves or not, the answer is still no.