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I kinda need help. Here's my team.
Krookodile- Intimidate
Foul Play, Earthquake, Sandstorm, Outrage
Steelix-Rock Head
Double-Edge, Iron Tail, Stone Edge, Crunch
Pidgeot-Keen Eye
Hurricane, Roost, Twister, Mirror Move
Aggron-Rock Head
Iron Tail, Brick Break, Stone Edge, Dragon Claw
Psychic, Focus Blast, Fling, Dizzy Punch
Dragon Pulse, Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance, Blizzard



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On a scale of one to ten I'd give your team about a seven. You have a good variety of types, but with those types you don't really have much of a strategy. First off is your Krookodile. Foul Play and Earthquake are great stap but you need some moves to wipe out the weaknesses. I would suggest fire fang and grass knot for that. Next is your Steelix. Pretty good except I would teach it thunder fang. Your aggron and Pidgeot are good but I would teach Reuniclus Thunder instead of Fling. Lastly is Kingdra which is good except I would teach I would give it a zoom lense. that would really get those critical hits in.

Hope this helps :)

Dont you mean scople lens but excadrills rights it will boost your critical hit ratio alot
Sorry yeah I meant to say scope lense
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Switch aggaron too much steel and lack luster stats, Krookodiles moxi ability is alittle more competitive, and a dragonite would get your flying type a much needed boost. besides that its pretty good probably about a 6-7 outta 10

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For a rating I would say 6.5 or 7 out of ten.
If your team were to be better all around I would suggest
that instead of Pigeot for a flying type use Archeops, This will give you a rock AND flying type so you can take out your rock type (in your case its steelix) and add another pokemon to your group. One more thing I would use more special attacks like ice beam because if you want to do Wi - Fi battling tanks and stalls will be a pain in the neck for you.